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In response to popular demand, we now offer for sale a number of our own foals and horses to clients and potential clients.

All of our foals are trained from a young age and progress through our syllabus starting with our liberty component, they also become absorbed into our day to day farm activities around the farm both on the ground, from a vehicle (ATV or RTV) and being ponied from another horse. Many will also become members of our liberty foal train – a team of up to 10 young horses that operate in five liberty pairs, line astern at liberty – which gives them the advantage of having achieved the following by the time they are started under saddle:

  • Great feet
  • Healthy body
  • A foundation of basic good manners
  • Social exposure to herd etiquette
  • Individual and group handling at liberty and online
  • Self-confidence & worldly awareness

From this extensive background and accumulation of training the horse is able to enter into a full time career as a ridden horse balanced metally, emotionally and physically allowing them to develop with a confident and positive outlook to the human world.

We are also now offering a range of horses that have been started and trained through our syllabus and incorporated into our premium horse project. Each of these horses undergoes full liberty training, ground skills and ridden skills equating to a simlar level of training as our premium foals.

We currently have a range of premium horses and foals for sale (not all currently feature on the website) at a range of prices according to their level of training, their breed and their history.

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