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Zack x Gribaldi – Gelding, 172cm, 2014

Wow! One of our favorites horses! This horse really has it all. He is a really talented horse with three incredible paces, each showing the ability to collect and extend. He is sweet to ride and although still a touch green for his age (he was started later) he wants to learn and is starting to pick up the exercises well.

There is an eagerness in him, which still makes him a little hot and impatient in the changes especially, but once he learns to wait and relax they will be really nice! He is a social horse, who enjoys attention in and around the stable. He would make a very interesting prospect for someone to take through to the Grand Prix.

The talent for the passage and piaffe are already there and he just needs to build strength and develop a little further and I think you will have a very impressive horse in your hands. He would suit both competent amateurs and professionals.

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