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Angelo PRE Stallion 6 Years Old

Breed: PR.E Type: Warmblood Gender: Stallion Age:6 years Height at Withers: 16.2 hh Color: Gray-Blue-Tan Main Discipline: Dressage More Disciplines: Breeding Baroque

Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion

Name: Lace Colour: Buckskin Sex: Mare Mature Height": 15 Discipline: All Rounder, Trail riding/pleasure, Western All Rounder, Western Pleasure Age: 1 4 Broken: Broken In Rider Level: Beginner

Canadian Sport Horse Stallion

Name: Javelin Color: Dark Brown Sex: Male Mature Height: 15 Discipline: Adult riding club, Trail riding/pleasure Age: 5 Broken: Unbroken

Desperado – Stallion, 169cm, 2018

Meet SNOOZY! This beautiful chestnut stallion is the sweetest baby boy that you have ever seen. He has only been out of the young horse group a number of weeks and he is super easy with all the new things that he is learning. He loves attention from people a lot, he loves hugs and he is an affectionate horse. The promise is definitely there and he will make a lovely horse for someone. The price/quality on this horse is very interesting as he will make a great competition horse for someone.

Ebony x Blue Horse Zatchmo – Stallion, 170cm, 2018

This is a stunning looking stallion with a strong, powerful way of moving around the arena. He is pretty light off his feet and nice in the hand and he is not spooky or sharp and is a lovely person in and around the stable. He is stunningly beautiful to look at and has three really elevated and correct paces. He gives his rider a super good feeling and is a really nice horse to work with. He would be suitable for more amateur rider but would also make a more ambitious rider very happy. All in all, a super horse to take to young horse competitions

Franklin – Stallion, 168cm, 2017

This fabulous stallion was selected for approval by the KWPN. He has an incredible canter, uphill and big. The trot had bend and balance and has a super nice for leg and he has a good walk. He absolutely has the right mentality and enjoys his job and the attention that comes with it. He is not spooky (you can see on the video, a lot of cars and trucks) He is alert and forward, but very genuine. A super prospect to take further on the levels. He had been fully vetted and is healthy.

Fred (Stallion)176cm, 2018

This tall horse is a very sweet stallion by Ferdeaux. He has been under the saddle for about 6 weeks now and is picking the work up well. He is light off his feet for a bigger horse and doesn’t feel like a big horse to ride. He is super correct in all three of his paces and has a beautiful big walk and lovely looseness when he moves. He would absolutely suit an amateur rider wanting an uncomplicated youngster to carry on with.

Gorgeous & Talented PRE Stallion

Breed: P.R.E. Type: Warmblood, Mix Gender: Stallion Age:6 years Height at Withers:16 hh Color: Buckskin Main Discipline:Dressage b M-ready More Disciplines: Leisure Baroque Show

Guardiola Stallion In a Class of Its Own

Breed: PR.E. Type: Warmblood Gender: Stallion Age:6 years Height at Withers:16.2 hh Color: Gray Main Discipline:Dressage

Gunner -Westpoint Stallion, 172cm, 2014

 One of our favorites! This horse really has it all. He is really handsome and has the looks that you want in a dressage horse. The trot has bend and balance, the canter is big and uphill, the walk is correct. He has a really nice forward way of going and enjoys his work. He has a very sweet and honest personality and is not sharp or spooky. All in all a really nice horse for a better rider to take on through the levels.  

Just Wimphof x Ferdeaux – Stallion, 166cm, 2018

This beautiful stallion has the looks. He is really handsome and he is an affectionate horse. He has been under the saddle for about 7 weeks now and is really improving every week and he gives such a good feeling and is always willing. He still needs to get stronger and more established, but is showing talent and has three very talented paces. A really amazing future prospect!

Mighty Grey 4 Years Old Great Stallion

Breed: P.R.E. Type: Warmblood, Mix Gender: Stallion Age:4 years Currently:15.2 hh Color: Gray-Black-Tan Main Discipline:Dressage more Disciplines: Leisure Baroque Working Equitation